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Our BULK BY CHO division specializes in providing a variety of edible oils to food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We offer comprehensive packaging solutions tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our packaging options Include bag in a box, pails, drums, totes, flexi tanks, and tankers.

Our Service

BULK BY CHO has gained the trust of numerous customers by consistently meeting their diverse needs. Our partners rely on us to supply high-quality ingredients. Our service includes:

Regardless of the customer’s size, we prioritize our customers and are dedicated to achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Range of BULK Oils

This includes organic and conventional extra virgin olive oil, in addition to the different grades of olive oil such as refined and pomace olive oil.

We offer organic and conventional high oleic sunflower oil.

We offer organic and conventional NON-GMO canola oil.


Looking for BULK Edible Oils?​

Our BULK team is ready to assist you.