CHO America is a customer service oriented subcidiary. With two distribution centers in the north, Montreal Quebec and New Jersey, and one in the south, port of Houston Texas.

CHO America serves retailers across the American continent: Brazil . Mexico . Columbia USA and Canada

Created in 2007, as the strategy of CHO Group and the Tunisian government geared towards breaking into the international market by presenting Tunisian Olive Oil to the final consumers.

CHO Company packages 24 000 bottles per hour with dedicated lines to Organic and Extra Virgin Olive oils.

CHO’s history goes back to manu generations cultivating olive trees and producing Olive Oil, the traditional way known to the region of Sfax in Tunisia.

CHO, was the first company established in 1996 to mo - dernizethe busniss and has since evolved from a single crushing mill to a fully in - tegrated group of companies.

CHO today, has a storage capacity of 4000 Mt of Olive Oil, ‘TotalGroup storage capacity 8500Mt’. It provides the group with storage and analysis services.

Créâtes in 2005, IGhuile is an olive pomace oil extraction facility.

Igehuile operates two ex - traction units ‘continous and discontinuous’.

IGEhuile performs drying fresh olive pomace with a capacity of 1100 tons of pomace per day.

Olivolio is a pomace oil heat extraction facility and refinery.

Olivolio is one of very few refineries inthe world to be certified NOP Organic, performing bleaching and deodorizing in a fully controled organic process.

Pomace oil extraction at olivolio is done without the use of chemicals , using a heat/ mecanical 2nd press with a capacity of 250 Tons / Day.

Distribution and service for agricultural equipment and olive oil mills.

Production of soap and Olive Oil cosmetics.

Savonerie de Carthage is home for the D'elyssa soaps and cosmetics.