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CHO America provides Terra Delyssa customers peace of mind with full origin traceability with IBM BlockChain

Terra Delyssa, one of the most popular olive oil brands in North America, offers customers the ability to follow the journey of their extra virgin olive oil from the orchard.  Customers can scan a QR code on the bottle and enter the lot code stamped on the label to access the secure IBM Blockchain data.  Customers learn about the region where the olives were harvested, when it was first cold pressed at the mill, the dates of analysis in CHO’s accredited laboratory, when their extra virgin olive oil was bottled and even play a game tasting the flavor profile against the master millers.  

CHO, the producer of Terra Delyssa, worked with IBM Food Trust, the leading enterprise blockchain provider, to ensure encrypted data was collected from the orchard through bottling encompassing over seven quality assurance check points  

“Our families have been olive farmers and olive oil millers for generations.  We created Terra Delyssa with a unique, smooth flavor profile to be the ambassador of Tunisian olive oil,” said Wajih Rekik, CEO of CHO America. “With IBM Food Trust, we are among the first olive oil producers to use blockchain to provide our consumers a window into each step that goes into making our olive oil so exceptional.” 

Blockchain technology enables greater trust across the supply chain by creating a permanent, digitized chain of transactions that cannot be altered. Olive farmers, millers, distributors and retailers alike can all interact more efficiently using near real-time access to comprehensive product data. Customers are provided access to detailed information traced to the blockchain about the origins of the products they consume.  

Terra Delyssa, known for its transparency and unique smooth flavor, is grown in CHO-owned pesticide-free orchards, is made from olives handpicked and first cold pressed within 4 hours of harvest, undergoes extensive analysis through onsite IOC accredited labs and has an acidity level under .0.4%.  Terra Delyssa is available in a variety of sizes, packaged in dark glass bottles to maintain the quality of the olive oil, and is available in both organic and conventional varieties. 

About CHO America 

A division of CHO, CHO America olive oil and dates are not only sold under the Terra Delyssa brand, but also under the Origin 846 brand, as a decanted, unfiltered and unprocessed olive oil, to retailers throughout the United States and Canada.  This year, CHO America introduced Fork & Leaf, a collection of cooking oils specially blended for a specific cooking technique.  CHO America also provides bulk sizes for manufacturers in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  The North American headquarters are in Houston, Texas with an office and factory in St. Laurent, Quebec. 

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