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About CHO America

Founded in 2005, Nurturing Excellence for Over Two Decades.

Mediterranean Delight, DBA CHO America was founded in 2005. We’ve been nurturing a legacy of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in producing world-class edible oils and organic dates.

vision & mission

Our Purpose and Goals​


Leading the future of edible oils and elevating every American kitchen


Our mission is to provide our customers with certified, high-quality oils

at the best possible price and delivery

For the discerning chef, the thoughtful homemaker, and the meticulous business

 CHO America is not just a choice; it’s an elevation. We believe superior, traceable oils have the power to make the world a better place.

Committed To The Highest Quality Standards​

why choose us

Years of Expertise, Quality, Sustainability, and Customer-Focused Innovation

We curate the full journey of olive oil, from tree to table. No middlemen.

We excel in retail sales, with our brands consistently performing well on shelves across North America.

Diverse food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers trust us for seamless onboarding, comprehensive QA documentation, and valuable industry analysis.

Our Certifications

Committed to the Highest Quality Standards