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At CHO America, we’re committed to quality and customer service

Our dedication to excellence extends to both our diverse range of edible oils and our
expertise in organic date production.

Our retail brands are award-winning. They offer premium, differentiated, and high-value quality

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We supply certified bulk edible oils to food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

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Our oils, in popular foodservice packages, reach you nationwide, serving various restaurant sizes.

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Create your exclusive high-quality brand with our Private Label service, tailored to your vision and preferences.

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About CHO America

Founded in 2005, Nurturing Excellence for Over Two Decades.

Founded in 2005, we’ve been nurturing a legacy of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in producing world-class edible oils and organic dates.

Transparent Journey

Advanced Blockchain Traceability from Grove to Bottle


Assured Quality

Quality assurance and transparency inspire customer confidence


Enhanced Safety

Tamper-proof blockchain ensures product integrity


Peace of Mind

Enjoy worry-free olive oil, no adulteration or unknown sources


Sustainability Awareness

Customers access insights into eco-friendly practices, supporting sustainability

News & Articles

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Weather-Resilient Olive Varietals Drive Optimism for CHO Group’s Crop Season 

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Moresh Stands in Solidarity with Morocco, Announces Earthquake Relief Campaign 

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Houston, TX [9/15/2023] – In light of the recent tragic earthquake that has deeply affected…

CHO America introduces Moresh extra virgin olive oil – The ambassador of authentic Moroccan foods to the North American market 

CHO America introduces Moresh extra virgin olive…

Houston, TX: CHO America is excited to announce the launch of Moresh, a premium, and…

Crafted With Excellence, Delivered With Integrity

Every drop of CHO America’s oils embodies our unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and sustainability. We’re where the echo of tradition meets the innovation of tomorrow.

why choose us

Decades of Craftsmanship, Quality, Sustainability, and Customer-Centric Innovation

Our oils undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and purity. Every product is a reflection of our commitment to offering naturally processed, chemical-free oils.

We are dedicated to sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint and promote the well-being of the planet. Our eco-friendly approach is embedded in every step of our production process.

CHO America delivers customer-centric solutions with full traceability, innovative packaging, supply chain excellence, and extensive market knowledge.

From The Fields

Our Farmers & Millers

Habib was born in Sfax in 1960. He has lived among the olive trees all his life. Since he was young, his father taught him how to work with the olive trees. A skill that is still passed down from one generation to another.

Meet Habib

The olive harvest is a time for celebration. Farmers spend days in fields from dawn till dusk, only breaking to drink tea or eat food as they work their magic on this sacred fruit that will bring blessings throughout the year.

Harvest Season

Yousef has a passion for working with olives and derives great joy from just the smell of the olives and the look at the oil flowing like liquid gold throughout the process. He loves his job and finds real pleasure in sharing it with others

Say Hi to Yousef

Growing, harvesting, and producing olive oil is woven into the fabric of life in Tunisia. Over 50,000 farmers work in our orchards and form a strong community centered around these olive trees

Community Empowerment

Our farmers hand-pick the olives, and CHO uses advanced mills to produce the distinct smooth taste of our extra virgin olive oil.


Women account for 60% of the workforce in olive farming in Tunisia. Halima is one of those women farmers whose daily routine changes when it's harvest time and she goes to the fields by sunrise. Halima says that olive fruits need special care to maintain the quality of the oil, and this care is an acquired talent for women.

Our Farmer Women

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